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Anderson Motorsport was founded way back in 1978 when old man Ando (David) was just a whippersnapper himself.

He’d work tirelessly after his normal day of work at Townsend Service Centre in Albury until the wee small hours of the morning to get the VSC # 36 ready for the haul to the Melbourne Speed Bowl in Victoria. Yes, that was # 36 until numbers were reallocated around a year later and we became Vic # 37.

As the years went on, David, Barb, Gabrielle and Grant would make the trek around the country with, what would become known affectionately as, ‘The Rent-a-Crew’. As the name suggested, depending on where the race meeting was held, the local crew would be called upon and, as loyal as they were, they would turn up night after night ready to take on whatever the tracks would dish up. The Melbourne crew: Les Paull, Pat Phillips and Phil Rutter, Sydney crew: Meatloaf (Chris Seymour) and Sparra (Graeme Mclean), Adelaide crew: Lester Appleton, Les Paull and Peter Samuel, Perth crew: Les Paull, Peter Harvey, Bruce Miranow and Greg Migro, Darwin and Tassie crew: Les Paull and Syd ‘Paul’ Carey. There they all were, as Peter Harvey would say, makin’ memories!

David had his share of the limelight over the years winning many features in Sprintcars that ranged from Stanton, Baretta, Gambler, Maxim and Foster and in the colours of red, green, white and the infamous blue. To this day the blue D&F Fosters’ are the Anderson Motorsport sprintcars of choice. Go, the Blue Vic # 37!

Enter Grant Anderson. The year was 2001. After many years of a very successful karting apprenticeship, Grant stepped up to Sprintcars, driving for Jim Williamson in the 360 ci powered ACT # 4 Foster machine. He was hooked. David was out and things just got bigger and better.

Over the decades, the shade of blue may have changed but the number, name and passion have endured the trials and tribulations that come with the sport of Sprintcar racing.

Continuing their legacy as one of the country’s leading Sprintcar teams, Grant has built a reputation for himself as a fierce competitor, getting his 2019-20 season off to a hugely positive start with back-to-back Eureka Garages & Sheds Sprintcar Series round wins aboard the Vic # 37 Maxim. He’s looking forward to building on this success throughout the remainder of the season.